SETECA has an international outreach through its graduates who are located in nearly 40 countries on all the continents. They serve in pastoral ministry, theological education, cross-cultural missions, compassion outreach, evangelism, music, radio, and other areas.

Núñez&Taylor Research Center

The Núñez&Taylor Research Center honors two former professors: Dr. Emilio Núñez and Dr. Bill Taylor. It encourages research and writing and also produces a weekly radio program. 


The Daniel Carroll Rodas Library at SETECA has one of the best equipped theological libraries in Latin America, with over 40,000 titles and a broad periodical collection.  


While SETECA has participated in the publishing of some books, its major contribution is the semi-annual journal Kairós. The journal includes articles by SETECA professors and other contributors, as well as book reviews.

Extension studies

Besides the studies on its main campus, SETECA provides classes in extension centers in Western and Eastern Guatemala, El Salvador, Denver, Bolivia, and Equatorial Guinea.  


SETECA also offers various studies online through    its e-learning department. 

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